Welcome to the GA3D Project !

The GA3D  Project  is a β€œSide-project” done for the passion around the theme of reprap 3Dprinter, with an attempt to extend the reprap / DIY (Do it Yourself) spirit to other processes and fields.

The basic machine consists of a frame with a fixed table, and a 3 axis Cartesian robotic arm with CoreXY kinematics crossed in the XY plane. A very simple tool changer is located at both ends of the robotic arm. This makes it a modular machine that can be easily converted into any kind of machine.

My goal is to have fun testing, developing and trying all kinds of processes. I'm sharing this project because it could be of interest to you as well or save you time in your tests whatever they are.

Until now I have already transformed my machine into :
 - 3D printer with a Bowden extruder
- 3D printer with a direct extruder
 - 45Β° 3D printer to make infinitely long parts
- automatic hacksaw - wire saw for scrolling
- laser cutter - plotter with pen
- cutting plotter cutter
- lathe (in progress)

 I still plan to make :
- a pick-n-place clamp
- a print head with two rotation axes for 5axis 3D printing
- a 3D printer for double parallel printing
- an extrusion head for culinary preparations
- an extrusion head for ceramics
 - ...

The machine is essentially made of standard elements usually used in the construction of 3D printers in 2023: Nema 17 motor, linear rails, GT-2 belt, V-slot aluminum profile, some bearings, hexagonal head screws, and of course specially designed and 3D printed parts. For the electronic part, we use RaspberryPi, Arduino, and BTT boards. Overall I always try to source components that are totally Opensource / as available as possible / as standard as possible. As for software tools, I proudly use almost only opensource tools and software: FreeCAD, Marlin, Linux,...

So in summary, I try to make a kind of Swiss Army Knife 3Dprinter for your needs in maker’s activities and in the circular economy [🌟⚑πŸ”₯πŸ›ΈπŸ› πŸŒ]++.

The project is mostly Opensource (under OHL-w license). This allow you to combine the machine with any  tools/extension (whatever the licences or copyright), all modifications improvements, evolutions, extensions, mutations of the main machine,  have to be notified to and must cite the original creator ("Alain David Geiser from πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­, a.k.a  GA3D").

Support the GA3D Project

Early access to 3D files is already possible via Patreon link sharing  : https://patreon.com/user?u=96506165   the Assembly manual will be redacted by continuous improvement. When ready it will be available for a single buy at 18 euros on this website via PayPal.