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General conditions of sale on Notebooks :

General conditions of sale of Notebooks : The payment is a donation to my project. The totality will be used to cover the expenses generated by the project: Internet hosting, consumable of 3D printing, parts of machines, electronic card, engine, spindle of machining, laser, heating elements, various mechanical elements, etc...

The Notebooks are guides for the realization of the projects, there is no guarantee that you will be able to realize them by yourself.

The Notebooks contain :
 - .pdf files describing the project and its different steps
- .stl files of the parts to be 3D printed for the realization of the project
- A link to the source files of the project parts in FreeCAD format
- A list of purchased items (BOM) (no guarantee that you can find the same items at the same price) - An estimate of the total cost of the project (with no guarantee that you will be able to meet it)
- An estimate of the time needed to complete the different steps (with no guarantee that you will be able to perform as well)

you will also find additional elements (video and images) on my different social networks.

Due to safety concerns no electrical/electronic infos are provided, just guidance. There's plenty of information about how to wire 3Dprinter and hobby CNC machines online. Please be safe, I assume that you have some basic safety training and skills to carry out this project. Your material and equipement are differents of mine, so consider these informations only as an advice and make your own risks analysis and respect all the safety rules applicable in your country.

These files and information are given in exchange for your donation to the project. There are no services associated with your donation. No support is included with these files. I will not answer any questions or help you solve problems related to this project because it is impossible for me to do so for every person who makes a donation. A link to a discord channel for people attempting these projects is provided to share progress and problems.

These projects are not industrial machines, but only personal achievements for personal needs and occupation.

Anti-toxicity policy online and on social networks

Everything is said in the title, let's keep it simple and stupid !

No toxic behavior will be tolerated with me in this project. Any person holding dishonest, insulting, contemptuous, mocking, aiming at sabotaging the motivation of the others will be repressed, banned in a radical way. A yellow card may be used before the final red card. Groups that favor community dogma over real and honest individual reflection may also be banned. This project is a hobby, a healthy and motivating state of mind is therefore an imperative, no energy, patience will be invested to educate dishonest and unconstructive elements.

N.B. Concerning the republishing of my contents from this website or from my social medias

N.B to the predatory accounts of all social media platforms and others: republication of this content is only allowed with reference to the GA3D project! Otherwise karma will make the balance ... Thx πŸ™‚

General Disclaimer

This project/site, containing the design of a multi-functional 3Dprinter/machine, is provided by the authors {GA3D} on an β€œas-is” basis, without any express of implied warranties of any kind, including of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, compliance with standards or regulatory requirements, or the non-infringement of third party rights in its production, distribution and use. The authors of this Project/Hardware/Software accept absolutely no liability for any harm or loss resulting from its use. It is extremely unwise to rely on Project/Hardware/Software alone for safety. Any machinery capable of harming persons must have provisions for completely removing power from all motors, etc, before persons enter any danger area. All machinery must be designed to comply with local and national safety codes, and the authors of this Project/Hardware/Software cannot and do not, take any responsibility for such compliance.